Jackson Safety is a brand welders trust and value from welding masks to auto-darkening welding helmets technology. Jackson Safety brings a complete line of welding safety products for the welding professional for on the job site and do-it-yourself welding applications. We continue to expand our horizons by teaming up with Wilson Industries, the industry leader inwelding curtains and welding blankets. Every Jackson welding product is guaranteed to deliver long-lasting value for the welder. Because our customers need to trust the tools they work with, you always want Jackson on the job for your welding safety needs. Our line of products include a complete welding safety offering including passive welding helmets, superiorauto darkening welding helmetswelding goggles, grinding and cutting spectacles, and much more.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Jackson Safety has been protecting America’s workers since 1920 with the highest quality personal protection equipment. We have been providing innovative personal protective products over the years, while keeping in step with the market’s changing needs and offering a broad range of protection. For superior service and quick turnaround, all of our PPE products are fully stocked in facilities located throughout the United States and Canada while backed by an experienced sales force and a worldwide network of distributors. Our products meet current ANSI and CSA standards where applicable. The line of products include a complete hard hat offering,hearing protection, superior eye protection and safety goggles as well as first aid kits, pedestrian floor warning systems, and much more.

Traffic Safety

Jackson Safety is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and traffic safety products. We have facilities located throughout the United States and Canada, as well as a plant in Belmont, Michigan where all of our traffic cones are manufactured and distributed. Where applicable, our products meet MUTCD requirements, as well as NCHRP-350 standards. By offering a broad product line, we are your single-source supplier for traffic safety products. Our complete line products includes traffic conestraffic safety signstraffic barricades, flashing barricade lights, safety vests and flags, plastic channelizer drums, traffic delineators, safety fence, and much more.

Jackson Safety

For over 70 years, men and women have wanted Jackson Safety on the job. The reason is simple: when it comes to superior protection and durability, we set the standard. From welding safety solutions to personal protective systems and highway safety devices, Jackson Safety brings a complete safety offering with years of hands on experience to meet today’s most demanding needs. We utilize the most up-to-date technology in order to provide the safest lines of hearing protection, eye protection and hard hatprotection, safety vests and traffic cones, welding safety and welding helmets. Our complete line of products includes safety goggles, earplugs,traffic delineatorstraffic barricadestraffic safety cones and traffic safety signs, welding masks and auto darkening welding helmets.

Our commitment to safety is in our name and our pledge to you, our customer. We are Jackson Safety and we are On the Job for you.

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