OES :Occupational Exposure Standard


The level at which it is believed, based on current evidence, that it is safe to be exposed to the substance with no residual risks. OES’s may take several forms

 LTEL : Long Term Exposure Limit


The limit of exposure for a ‘normal’ 8 hour 5 day week

  • STEL : Short Term Exposure Limit

Normally relates to a 10 or 15 minute exposure


  • TWA :           Time Weighted Average


  • MAC :           Maximum Allowable Concentration

The maximum level that a person may be exposed to under any circumstances, on a once off basis. There may be a possibility of residual risk. (Sometimes called MEL- Maximum Exposure Limit


  • OEL :            Occupational Exposure Limit

Specific limit, normally set by employer or regulatory authority.


  • TLV : Threshold Limit Values


  • REL : Recommended Exposure Level


  • PEL : Permissible Exposure Limit


  • TLV - C : Threshold Limit Values – Ceiling value


  • BELs : Biological Exposure Indices


  • AQE : Allowable Occupational Exposure


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